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Digital Learning Team

Meet the Team!

The Digital Learning Team supports teachers in planning intentional technology integration designed to engage students while enhancing and extending their learning goals. 

Through coaching cycles, co-teaching opportunities, and professional learning for our faculty, we work to enable teachers to upskill in their use of technology, and/or gain a deeper understanding of pedagogy and practice in the educational technology realm.


Our Roles

Gitane (G) is a Technology Integration Specialist with a passion for collaborating with other educators to amplify instructional practices and build capacity in this ever-changing academic environment.

At AISB, G works alongside the IT Manager, Laura Amza, to ensure the smooth running of our technology operations, and leads the Digital Learning Team in the development, implementation, articulation, evaluation and communication of the school’s educational technology program and vision. 

Gitane copy

Gitane Reveilleau (G)
Digital Learning Coordinator

Sarah copy

Sarah Hodgson
PYP Digital Learning Coach

Sarah is a learner, first and foremost. She is committed to student, teacher, and self-growth, both professional and personal. Sarah is passionate about finding ways to empower all students to be content creators, rather than consumers. She believes strongly that student agency is key to deep learning. Sarah strives to create multiple opportunities for students to drive their own learning. She has one primary goal in her role as PYP Digital Learning Coach: to have a positive impact on student learning. 

Sarah facilitates coaching cycles with teachers, enabling them to set student-centered goals, experiment with different tools and strategies, and grow as professionals. Sarah supports teachers in purposefully infusing technology and maker education into the curriculum.  She aims to ensure that technology use at AISB embraces a ‘Learning First, Technology Second’ approach. Sarah also provides support for the teaching of digital citizenship concepts.

With experience teaching grades six through Diploma, Troy has insight to the ins and outs of content teaching in a multitude of secondary subjects. As an English teacher and Advisor, Troy looks to implement technology and innovative practices into the classroom. As the Secondary Tech Coach, he seeks to provide teachers with the knowledge and confidence to use technology to enrich the teaching and learning process as well as working with teachers in planning meaningful and innovative lessons. He conducts PD across divisions and works closely with his Student-led digital service learning group, the Microbats. 

This year Troy will be looking to facilitate coaching cycles in the secondary as AISB further develops their commitment to the coaching process and as well as continuing to work closely with grade level leaders in finalising meaningful opportunities for students to engage with Digital Citizenship.


Troy White
Secondary Digital Learning Coach

Digital Learning Coach

For a closer look at what the PYP Digital Learning Coach does, check this out!

Mihaela Nuta
ES Technology Assistant

Miki’s background is in Statistics and Data Analysis, having worked for years in the market research field. Miki likes to listen to the needs of others and tries to come up with solutions to make their life easier. She puts in place data visualizations and provides digital support for her team and the ES team. 

Miki works closely with G to apply design thinking strategies and create systems that automate workflows for better decision making.