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Professional Learning

Learn and Grow With Us!

The Digital Learning Team is happy to offer diverse models of professional learning to suit the styles and schedules of everyone. Empowering colleagues to make full use of the resources available to them is one of our priorities!

In the AISB Future Plan, learning is at the heart of what we do for our students AND for ourselves.

Learning: To cultivate a community that understands learning and seeks to improve

Educators build the capacity, efficacy, and craftsmanship to facilitate and assess concept-based teaching and learning.

Capacity Building: To empower our learning community to develop their voice, agency, and leadership capacity

AISB has sustainable systems for professional learning, using coaching and mentoring as tools.

Digital Learning Coaches

There are many ways we can choose to enhance our capacity as educators. One way to kick start your professional learning is to work with a coach by either embarking on a coaching cycle or simply having one or two coaching conversations.

Indeed, research has shown that instructional coaching has a greater impact on classroom instruction than many other forms of professional learning. 

Need more support?

We are always available to sit with you, meet over Zoom, or get workflows and solutions out via email/chat. Do not hesitate to let us know how we can help you be more successful with technology in and out of the classroom.

Self-Directed Learning

Our team has created a number of resources over the years to upskill our community. We’re slowly building this page with our archives. 

Feel free to reach out and let us know what else you might be looking for.