Assessing for Understanding

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Strategies for quick assessment for understanding with tech
Check out the PL on offer this week
Shortcut: Turn on the pathbar option.

Your Weekly Digital Learning Compendium


Welcome back, Vampires! 
We hope you had a restful and memorable break. We have some face-to-face PL sessions next week. A quick continuation strategy with some more Assessment for Understanding and a very quick Shortcut. 
Want more for Formative Feedback? Have a look the following article by the guru, Jay McTighe (of Understanding by Design fame), 8 Quick Checks for Understanding


If you’re old, you might remember “Clickers” or Student Response Systems (If you’re not old and want to know what things looked like 13 years ago, watch this). The following tutorial will provide you with a simple, yet very effective means to access understanding that you can consistently revisit with your students regardless of the lesson focus. 

Face-to-Face Sessions

Once again focusing on our school-wide Professional Learning, we present you with some additional strategies for: Assessment for Understanding; Graphic Organizer Check-ins & Google Sheets for Classroom Response Systems

Assessment for Understanding
Secondary Lunch
Tuesday, Nov 1
1:40 – 2:00pm
Sec 422
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Assessment for Understanding 
Primary Lunch
Tuesday, Nov 1
12:35pm – 12:55pm
PYP Curriculum Office
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Always be sure to always physically disconnect your Macbook from the AppleTv when done projecting.
Sometimes if you simply close your screen:
1) It will continue to display, even when you leave the room
2) It can make your Mac “think” it’s still open and anyone can now open your laptop and have access to your content without signing in (passcode) – Yikes!



Sometimes you can see the doc in your Macbook, but you don’t know where it actually lives… Turn on the Pathbar Option in your finder and always have a nesting visual at the bottom of your finder.