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Model a more global approach to learning
Enhance and personalize your professional growth developing a PLN
Shortcut: how to use the Shortcuts app on your MacBook.

Your Weekly Digital Learning Compendium


Bonjour, holaпривіт, 你们好, Vampires!

As the October break approaches, we hope to inspire you to think about how you could embody one of our Guiding Statements: Make The World Our Classroom. One way to bring this to our students is to model a more global approach to learning. This week we share ways to enhance and personalize your professional growth and also share some tech travel tools!


A Professional (or Personal) Learning Network (PLN) is a tool that uses social media and technology to collect, communicate, collaborate, and create with connected colleagues anywhere at any time. Participating educators, worldwide, make requests and share resources. If you are interested in growing your PLN, check out this free self-paced course from EduBlogs.


 Yes, there are huge celebrities attached to this social media platform – Barack Obama is the most followed account on Twitter, with 133.4 million followers, with Justin Bieber in second place! However, the power of this platform for personalized professional learning should not be underestimated.
Twitter has long been a place where educators from around the globe connect, share ideas, and even embark on collaborative projects that connect their students to others in a different part of the world. Indeed, there are almost 70 Vampires, past and present, already tweeting!

While it can seem daunting at first, with so many educators in one place and 6,000 tweets being sent every second, it’s an easy platform to navigate and there are ways to sift through and find what you are looking for. It’s also a way to showcase what you do – another string to your bow to add to your CV! 

Professional Learning

Build Your PLN on Twitter
with Sarah H

When: Thursday 13th October
              3:15pm – 3:45pm
Where: ES Makerspace
Bring a mobile device or laptop.
Build Your PLN on Twitter (1:1)
with Sarah H

If you would prefer an individual introduction to Twitter, feel free to book a time that suits you on Sarah H’s appointments calendar. Bring a mobile device or laptop.


Google My Maps

Using Google My Maps, you can create your own customized map of the place you want to visit. Save places you want to see, share with friends to create a map together, and access the map online while traveling. Start here. Click on ‘All’ to see the maps that have already been created by staff within the AISB Google domain. Start your own map by clicking on the red ‘create a new map’ button.

Here is a My Maps tutorial for beginners. 


If you are not traveling over the break, you can still enjoy virtual reality 360° tours of different places around the globe (no headset required)! (Ev’rybody talk about… Pop Musik!)


Check out the video below to find out how to use the Shortcuts app on your MacBook. You will also find the app on iPhones and iPads – video explanation here.