An All CHROME Edition

In This Edition:

  • Article: Help Students Think More Deeply With ChatGPT

  • Interactive Article: Generative AI exists because of the transformer

  • Resources: Codebreaker Byte ChatBot & OpenAI Updates

  • Professional Development: Managebac Basics
  • Shortcut: Trackpad Gestures

Happy Wednesday, Vampires! 🦇

We have a mixed bag for you today with a few articles regarding AI. All of the EC-12 had some hands-on experience with our AI workshops during inservice and we’ve seen some pretty innovative uses of AI this year. Way to work smarter and not harder Vampires!

We also have some niche PD with Managebac basics for New Secondary teachers. 

And a useful duo shortcut for your Mac’s trackpad gestures. 

Be the first to answer this and win a prize; According to AI, how many trackpad gestures are on a Mac?


ISTE TechBytes 27 copy

Jack Dougall’s article on using Open AI with middle years humanities.

Help Students Think More Deeply With ChatGPT. 

“A year 8 class experiment that was met with equal parts laughter, curiosity and apprehension. The tool at the center of this experiment was not a globe, a map or an atlas, but ChatGPT”.

A beautifully animated explanation of AI. A great and not too complex breakdown of the process of AI and its functionality. 


Codebreaker Byte


EdTech supergroup Code Breaker Inc. releases a new AI site for Education. offers a simple, and very cute, AI chatbot feature. No sign-in necessary (so no user data!).

ChatGPT Updates


Now you can chat with ChatGPT using your voice. You can also choose from one of five life-like voices and have a conversation with ChatGPT. So, if you’re feeling lonely, OpenAI can be the innovative shoulder you can lean on. MIT Review


Secondary – Managebac Basics 


With Summative Assessment Calendars filling up and required formatives on the horizon, we will have a basic intro session to help new teachers with the ins and outs of MB; Calendar, Tasks/Assignments & the big one, setting up Turnitin. Choose one of the following dates or schedule some 1:1 with Troy. 

Secondary Newbies, have a look at the EC-12 PD Calendar and choose one of the brief lunch sessions available starting tomorrow. 



Mac Trackpad Gestures

We use our Macs for so much, but do we use all the cool bits about them as well? There are 15 Trackpad gestures (depending on your model), here are two rather useful ones. 

Trackpad Gestures