Celebration of Learning and EoY Clean Up

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Celebrating EC, PYP and MYP students taking initiatives with their learning —
Digital Declutter: tips for students and teachers on how to organize their digital worlds before the end of the school year.

Good morning, everyone!

As the school year draws to a close, we share some highlights from classrooms that have occured in the last week or two.

At the end of this newsletter, you will also find some recommendations around how students can finish the year with a little cleaning of their online world!
EC3 students (3 and 4-year-olds) have been documenting their learning by taking photographs of models they have built, artworks they have painted, and more. They have also been developing their spoken language skills through the use of an app called Chatterpix. Take a look at a couple of the videos they have created:
Grade 1 students are working on publishing parts of their realistic fiction stories by combining art and technology to make movies! They are creating their settings and characters on paper, then importing them into the Puppet Pals app, where they are able to manipulate the characters and add voices to make them come alive. Prior to publishing, students had one period to learn the app and make a quick movie on the fly – here are a couple of examples from that very first lesson!
Grade 4 students have been exploring cyberbullying alongside the concepts of courage and compassion. Concept acquisition, concept mapping, brainstorming, role play, and more! 
Grade 5 students have been becoming more aware of their digital footprints and the responsibilities that come with being a part of the global online world. They created some posters to show what they thought was the most important information that they would explain to the G4 students. Here are a few of those creations.
Grade 9 English students have been creating original scripts for characters from multiple works of literature studied so far this year. The scripts are turned into a video performance where students can choose to either work with a partner and make a “Cafe Conversation,” or work independently on a Vlog-style monologue from the perspective of one character reading and relating to past unit texts. The video scripts are loosely based on the DP Lang & Lit Paper 2 Exam and require students to transfer knowledge, make deep connections, integrate quotes into dialogue, justify character motive, and explore empathy in context.
It’s that time of year! Help your students to clean up and organise their digital worlds before the end of the school year. Here is a short slideshow with suggestions.

For faculty, you might want to consider having a Digital Declutter over the break to boost productivity and minimize distractions!