Technology Integration – A Framework We Use

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  • Step Into Our Classroom

  • Article – Creative Assessments

  • Information about an upcoming book club opportunity (whole school)

  • AISB Coaching Menu

  • Shortcuts App (yes, you already have it!)

Happy November, Vampires! 🦇

This week we focus on our understandings of the use of technology for learning.

We encourage you to read this page of the Digital Learning Team’s documentation. It explains the AISB approach to technology integration, including the Triple E framework (Engage, Enhance, Extend) that we use when considering tools for use in the classroom.

It’s important to note that ‘Engagement’ is not about engagement with the technology. It’s finding ways for students to engage with learning goals.


Content Creators


A powerful way to enhance learning  and deepen students understanding of learning goals is to provide students with opportunities to create. Kindergarten students are starting to learn how to document significant learning moments using Seesaw. The students are becoming familiar with the features of the tool and, as the year progresses, they will become more independent in their use and selection of the posts they create. 


Square for Tech Bytes

In the article, ‘With Imagination and the Right Apps, Students Learn — and Can Prove It!‘, Chris Frisella explores the idea of creative assessments.


Book Club (whole school)

learning first

Take a dive into ‘Learning First, Technology Second in Practice‘ by Liz Kolb (published by ISTE) to gain a deeper understanding of the Triple E framework by joining this book club. Relevant for faculty in all three sections of the school. We will begin after the December break and will meet approximately once every 3-4 weeks until June. Sarah H will facilitate the discussions and support your learning as needed. If you would like to join please complete this two-question form so that we can order the books in time. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah H.

Digital Learning Coaches

As you know,  your Digital Learning Coaches are here to support you! Whether you would like help with planning, evaluating a new tool, or a quick tech fix to make your workflow easier – there are a million and one ways that we can assist and guide you in engaging, enhancing, and extending learning outcomes. Just reach out to Troy (SS) or Sarah H (ELC and ES) and we will find a time on our calendars. 


Shortcuts on Steroids

Are you ready for next level shortcuts? Did you know that you have an application on your MacBook called ‘Shortcuts’? Try this Ultimate Guide to the Shortcuts App: