Be a Force for Good in the World

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A piece on Learning Management Systems — Important updates, including Google’s new storage policy — Shorcut: Hot Corners on Macs.

Good Morning, Vampires! We bring you another edition of Tech Bytes; sharing ideas, strategies, and articles to ignite your curiosity and deepen discussions around the use of technology in the classroom. This week’s focus on our Guiding Statements will be:

Be a force for good in the world 
  • model digital citizenship and advocate for the rights and responsibilities of self and others
  • cultivate and manage one’s digital identity and reputation and be aware of the permanence of one’s actions in the digital world
  • engage in positive, safe, responsible, and respectful behavior when interacting with online content or socializing with others
  • respect legal and ethical principles when using and sharing intellectual property
  • take action to stand up for causes and people in need

Last week, in Elementary, we introduced new Zoom Etiquette guidelines.
Check out these Essential Digital Citizenship Lessons for the Coronavirus Pandemic from Common Sense Education.

We could all use a bit of light relief this week – share the reality of your online workspace! Add a photo to this Padlet.

If you would like to share something that is happening in your online classroom in a future edition of Tech Bytes, please let the Digital Learning Team know.

Let’s get creative!

  1. If you missed Troy’s session on “Slides – Creativity and Collaboration”, here is the recording.
  2. Easily remove the background of an image? In Canva, it’s as easy as two clicks – see here!