Let’s Keep Learning!

In This Edition:

  • Articles: EdTech for Good, Wikipedia as a Research Tool —
  • Resource: Creating SEL tasks with AI —
  • An alternative to Ladibug —
  • Professional Learning: ChatGPT in DP and more Magic School —
  • Shortcut: Quick iPad screenshot

Happy Wednesday, Vampires! 🦇

Today we have a few different things to share: some reading, a resource to help with your SEL planning, a tool alternative, some professional learning opportunities, and, of course, a shortcut! 

Here’s the first article for you from ISTE – EdTech for Good: Experts Weigh In, which explores the question ‘Does Technology Make Us More Human or Less Human?’.

We hope you find this edition useful. Feel free to email one of the Digital Learning Team with ideas for future editions.



Teaching Students How to Use Wikipedia as a Tool for Research

In this article, take a deep dive into the pros and cons of Wikipedia and discover how we can use it with students as they conduct research.



6 Strategies for Using AI for Social-Emotional Learning

“Helping students develop inter- and intra-personal skills is an essential part of learning and plays a significant role in students’ overall well-being and academic success.” Here are six strategies using AI that can help with designing SEL lessons and activities.


Tired of missing leads and dongles?

We have Paul Andersen, our visiting Science consultant, to thank for showing us this easy alternative to the Ladibug. The Quick Camera app enables you to display the input from your Mac’s built-in camera.

Here are the instructions to show you how to receive and install the Quick Camera app!


FREE & ONLINE – ChatGPT Masterclass with Toddle (DP)

Join Toddle’s ChatGPT Masterclass: Differentiation and Adaptive Teaching in the IBDP and learn how to:

  • Craft impactful lessons for diverse learning styles and needs
  • Leverage ChatGPT to spark student curiosity, deepen understanding, and develop language skills
  • Address individual needs through differentiation and adaptive teaching


If you missed Gitane’s session during the PL day last week, don’t worry! Magic School have a wealth of learning resources on their website. They also offer very short and accessible certification courses – if you are a badge collector, these are for you!


An iPad shortcut that always wows the students! Just swipe up diagonally from the bottom left corner of your iPad ↗️ to take a quick screenshot. If that doesn’t work, watch this very short 35-second video to find out how to activate it: