30-second tech challenge!

In This Edition:

Check out five simple hacks to include in your teaching! — Review our Tech & Wellness suggestions —
See a map with recommendations from the AISB community.

Hey, Vampires! 🦇

There is a TON of stuff going on and we are going to make this week’s Tech Bytes short and sweet.
This week we have a 30-Second Tech Bytes Challenge!

The video below offers you 5 simple hacks to include in your teaching. It has been broken down into 5 segments,  exactly 30 seconds each (How do we make 5, exactly 30-second-long tutorials? Tech Magic!)

… So, this week we present you with a simple challenge; choose one of the hacks and use it in your teaching.
5 Challenges to choose from:
1) Use Split Screen – Mac – Grading, toggling
Sometimes we need to look at two things simultaneously 
2) Use Stacks – Mac – clean up that desktop a bit
Your desktop might be a mess, with 2 clicks Stacks will organize your entire desktop based on file type
3) Keep a list of your kids – Randomize doc – Google Sheets – student presentation order – working in pairs 
This permanent list will quickly allow you to create a random order for your kids and to create random groups. 
4) Youtube/Drive – Video to Sheets precision 
Embed a video in a slide and have it play and stop at specific times – have videos play automatically 
5) Google Presentation as a web page
Publish a Slide presentation and kids can make a web page – individual slides have their own url and act as pages within the “web page”
With some fit activities today with Wellness Wednesday to look forward to, here is a fitness-related resource:🤸‍♀️ Best Fitness Apps Of 2022 – Forbes

Where to buy stuff…
 Here’s a map of a few nice brick-and-mortar (and online) stores in Bucharest. 
Sports watch? Maybe it’s time… Trisport (near school) and Sportguru (Promenada) often have deals.