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Good morning, Vampires!  We continue to share ideas, strategies, and articles to ignite your curiosity and deepen discussions around the use of technology in the classroom.

It certainly looks like we will be staring into our screens quite a bit in the weeks to come. To help you become familiar with what is available (literally) at your fingertips, today’s edition focuses on specific Mac tips to improve your workflow! These tips can be shared with students with compatible devices, too.
Mac Keyboard Tutorial: Symbols and Emojis
Here is how to use the Characters View & Keyboard Viewer to enter a wide variety on different characters and symbols.
Are you talking to me!?
Learn how to maximize on time and efficiency with Voice-to-Text dictation on a Mac. This will work with any tool, even Google comments!
Trackpad 1
Does it drive you crazy when you try to right-click (use the secondary click) on your trackpad and you get the look up command/dictionary instead? This tip is for you:
Trackpad 2
See how to set up your Mac trackpad to click and drag with just one finger or with a three-finger drag.
How do I zoom in on Mac?
Use accessibility features to zoom in on Mac like a pro.
Use the Control Center on Mac
Control Center has been brought over to the Mac from iOS and it gives you quick access to things like network settings, volume, display, and media controls.
Window Resizing Tips
Learn different ways to resize windows on a Mac with a few different keyboard shortcuts. Holding down the shift key will lock aspect ratio. Hold down option to expand or contract a window on each side equally. We also look at how to tile windows in full screen.
Screencastify has a new interface

The links you share do not read “…” anymore. 
They now read “…”

This window requires the video to fully “download,” so you will always get a message that reads “Hold tight – your video will be ready soon!” This means that it will not appear until the entire video has loaded. If you are providing a decent amount of feedback, it may take some time to load. Please let your kiddos know to be patient with the “Hold tight…” message; the video WILL eventually load. 
Have you had breakfast yet?! 

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