Equity and AI

In This Edition:

  • Uncovering bias in AI — Simple ways we can address this bias with students — Delving deeper into the world of AI — Shortcut: a quick hyperlink tip


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Hello, Vampires! 

We know that information about AI is coming thick and fast. It’s hard to keep up and digest everything that seems so new. It’s not the first disruption to the educational landscape (think back to before social media, iPads, and smart boards were a thing!) and it won’t be the last. Keeping an eye on potential bias in the world of AI is something that is being addressed and talked about. Let’s get the conversation started… and keep it going.
In this edition:
  • Uncovering bias in AI
  • Simple ways we can address this bias with students
  • Delving deeper into the world of AI
  • Shortcut: a quick hyperlink tip


Is AI biased?

Yes. Why? 

From an Insider article earlier in the year, ‘ChatGPT could be used for good, but like many other AI models, it’s rife with racist and discriminatory bias‘: 
  • Large, uncurated datasets scraped from the internet are full of biased data that then informs the models. 
  • ChatGPT itself is trained on 300 billion words, or 570 GB, of data.
  • Like many AI models before it, bias can be found in its output.
  • Researchers warn its real-world applications could spell trouble for marginalized groups.
Read more here.
Report bias in responses to ChatGPT prompts. Email ethics@openai.com 
Worth a watch: The video below (23 minutes long) asks ‘Are We Automating Racism?
Further reading: Five Books to Add to Your Professional Development Library: The Intersection of Equity and AI, from Shifting Schools.

Addressing AI Bias in the Classroom

🤖 Talk about it with students.

🤖 Give students tasks such as “Spot the Misinformation” to highlight bias in AI.

🤖 Students need to know how Large Language Models, such as ChatGPT, work. ChatGPT can help you explain it to them – see below!
🤖 Better still, highlight the bias. ChatGPT can help you explain that to them too!

Delving Deeper

The European Commission has published ‘Ethical guidelines on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and data in teaching and learning for educators‘. Available in 24 European Languages, including Romanian, here.
If you are keen to learn more about everything AI, then this is the Padlet for you! It was curated by Dr. Ashley Cross, Senior Director of Edu at ATLIS. Ready for a rabbit hole?!


Write Better ChatGPT Prompts

Check out this Twitter thread from Nicolas Cole. In his words, “The best AI writing prompts aren’t 1 sentence. That’s like having a Ferrari and driving it 5 mph. Here’s a 60-second masterclass on how to create prompts like a virtuoso writer.”


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