Tech For Good: Wellbeing Edition

In This Edition:

  • Article: 5 Ways AI can help with mental health —
  • Resources: Music, mindfulness, muscles, and minuscule changes —
  • Shortcut: Take a screen break —

Happy Wednesday, Vampires! 🦇

We hope you all had a break that was restful and relaxing! Technology often gets a bad rap as having a negative impact on well-being. Today’s edition looks at the positive benefits and ways in which tech can be used for good. 

Before you read on, take a minute to try Box Breathing (used by Navy Seals).

Take care of yourselves!


As AI evolves, the number of ways it can be used to help people with their mental health grows. “Studies have found that using an AI powered chatbot results in higher engagement and adherence than traditional methods, and those who used it saw a reduction in comorbid anxiety and depression symptoms, measured on standard assessment score, and comparable shifts in physical capabilities.” Find out more here: Five ways AI can help to deal with the mental health crisis.


Research has demonstrated numerous benefits of music for wellbeing across various aspects of mental and physical health. Have fun with this AI tool, Suno. Type in a prompt and create a song you can use in the classroom. Here is the song that it created from the prompt ‘an epic and easy 80s song about biodiversity in ecosystems for Grade 2 students’Of course, a more specific prompt will bring better results!

GDPR-compliant for teachers only.


Mindfulness Coach: Free evidence-based mental health and mindfulness apps, originally developed by researchers for veterans and civilians. They also have an app called Insomnia Coach.


Muscle Wiki: Select a muscle and it provides you with exercise to workout that muscle!


Use Perplexity AI to generate ideas for improving your wellbeing. Here’s a few prompts we tried:

  • Give me 5 breathing techniques to alleviate stress during a hectic work day (results here).
  • Create a 15-minute low-impact workout routine for someone who is new to exercise and has dodgy knees (results here).
  • What is a tiny change I can make to improve my wellbeing? Provide 3 simple ideas. (results here).


Taking a screen break can increase productivity and is a powerful way to improve your wellbeing.

take a break