A Human-Centered Design Toolkit for the Classroom

In This Edition:

  • The Learning 2 Experience
  • Intro to Human Centered Design
  • Professional Learning Sessions
  • Shortcut: Learn to digitize your stickies and take advantage of GenAI Insights for your next design sprint.

Happy Wednesday, Vampires 🦇!

It’s G, reaching out to share a piece of my recent journey with you, stepping into vulnerability as I do so.

I had the fantastic chance to speak at the Learning 2 Europe Conference recently and I want to give you a glimpse into my workshop.

My goal in sharing this isn’t to collect accolades but to cultivate our shared growth and learning.

Dig into this summarized process with me, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, questions, or if you need any support from my end. I’m all ears and here to help!


But first: what the heck is LEARNING 2?!

A well-loved conference that originated in Asia over 15 years ago, Learning 2 (L2) has grown to include two annual events, one hosted in a school setting in Asia and the other, in Europe. This unique event is designed entirely by educators for educators, with a strong emphasis on exploring the future of learning and the seamless integration of technology within education.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sarah, Troy and I can’t recommend it enough! 

The 2025 European edition has just been announced, and it will be at International School of Basel, Switzerland. I sincerely hope to see some of you 🦇 there. Let me know if you would like to learn about becoming a presenter!


Classroom Problem-Solving Just Got an Upgrade

Have you ever wished you could truly understand what makes your students tick? Or maybe you’re looking for ways to make those tough classroom challenges feel a little less overwhelming?

Regardless of our content area or the grade level we teach, we all deal with thorny, problematic issues that have a direct impact on people. They are what we call Wicked Problems.

Human-Centered Design (HCD) can help

Think of HCD as a toolkit that lets us visualize problems from our students and colleagues’ eyes and work together to find creative solutions for all sorts of different problems.

📽️ This six-minute video which I recorded for you gives you an overview of the process.

Watch a 6-minute video intro to HCD.

Our Learning Management System was an example of a wicked problem…

Read this article I published just recently, where I break down all the problem-solving tools I used to facilitate our Learning Management System discussions.

A Facilitation Toolkit

In the live workshop, you’ll also have access to the facilitation playbook I put together, with key exercises like the one seen here, Journey Mapping.

Hands-on Workshop: Please Sign Up!

Join us to learn with hands-on exercises that will leave you feeling empowered and equipped to address complex challenges alongside your students and peers.

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Watch this to learn how to digitize sticky notes IN NO TIME using Miro! (2)