Our Vision for Learning with Tech

In This Edition:

The very first Tech Bytes, and a very special one, where we share our process for creating a shared vision with our faculty, the results of our survey and time spent together, and our revised Mission Statement.

This we believe.

Every return to school after a much needed break offers an opportunity to reboot and carefully consider the next steps of the learning experience we want to build WITH and FOR our students. 

And as we hit the restart button in 2021, it is vital that we establish our “why” and reflect on the successes and failures of our digital learning program, especially after the challenges exposed by the pandemic.

The Need for a Shared Vision

During the first semester of the school year, our team undertook a lengthy reflection process where we identified problems and paired them with some of our core beliefs regarding technology integration and implementation.

A key aspect of our conversations centered around the need to build a shared language and a shared vision, anchored by our schools’ revised mission and vision statements. There is no doubt that transparency and openness result in better understanding. And while we had a bit of time to start a dialogue around our core values a couple of weeks ago, we recognize that this an ongoing process that requires attention and time.

Feedback Received

Perhaps the most important finding was that we need to consistently gather feedback and keep the doors wide open. We want to continuously offer opportunities to educate and to hear opinions that differ from ours. Inviting people in to be heard opens the door to providing accurate information, and perhaps strengthening this shared language.

With 145 responses, we are thankful for the time and attention our faculty devoted to this effort. We are slowly unpacking the data and hope to learn from the setbacks described there; your feedback will allow us to adjust direction, slow down in certain areas, speed up in others and continue to make fixes.


A Revised Mission Statement

Today, our team is delighted to share with you the final draft of our Mission and Vision statements, revised with feedback received through the survey. At the core is the belief that we are ALL teachers and learners of technology. 

Grounded in the school’s new Mission and Vision, and inspired by research and best practices adopted by high-caliber international schools worldwide, we hope this will support all stakeholders in the integration and implementation of Educational Technology at AISB in years to come.

We look forward to learning with you in 2021.

All the best,
Digital Learning Team

2021_FINAL_Digital Learning Vision Statement