Free up Space & Improve Speed

In This Edition:

Improve your Apple devices workflow by freeing up space and enabling a few key settings — Use the Reservation setting in Veracross — Shortcut: inspect a document.

Welcome back, Vampires🦇!

We hope you had an enjoyable break. This week is a practical “Learn and Grow Together” as we look at a number of ways to:
  • Make your device run better
  • Free up space on your Mac and phone
  • Have access to all your items across multiple Apple devices

Maybe your laptop gets a little laggy and sad sometimes. Perhaps there are too many files.

Have a look to see how much available storage you have on your Mac.
Video – Check storage – How Much Storage do You Have on Your Mac? (60 seconds)

If it turns out there isn’t much storage left on your laptop, you might want to remove some of the larger files.
Video – Locate Overly Large Files to Get Rid of (61 seconds)

🎗Remember: Make sure you restart your laptop often; at least once a week!

(The following is of a personal nature. If you are an iPhone user and might struggle with storage space/slow performance, this is for you)

Like many of us, if you went on vacation or celebrated Easter with your family, then you probably took a ton of photos. What does one do with all those photos?

You could sync these to your iCloud:
Ever puzzled about iCloud? This video can help: Understanding iCloud Syncing (850 seconds)

Want a place that doesn’t cost €? Free 15G Google Photos for backing up photos 

If your iPhone is equally dragging, you might want to free up some space:
How To Free Up a TON of iPhone Storage!

Or you can back up everything with a good ol’ external hard drive:
  • Seagate 2 terabytes 294,99 Lei Emag
  • same model, 5 terabytes 539,99 Lei Emag
Veracross lets you book community resources (e.g theater, CR300) via the Faculty Portal (Mostly Secondary)
If you need to reserve a community room/space for a class or event, see Laura’s tutorial.
Always looking for the phone extension list so you can quickly reach a colleague? Here is a handy link to the AISB phone directory. You may want to bookmark it!