Embrace the Potential: ͲɾąղʂӀąղցմąցìղց & Resources | ChatGPT Vision | Turnitin

In This Edition:

  • Three time-identified tutorials focusing on your Chrome Browser
  • Tutorial: How to Translate Your Class Resources;
  • Secondary Update/Tutorial: Set up Managebac + Turnitin;
  • Resource: A Breakdown of ChatGPT Vision Features;
  • Shortcut: Help out your Mac by seeing how many applications are running.

Happy Wednesday, Vampires! 🦇 We hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable break.

We have a few items covering translanguaging, Secondary Managebac updates, and some ponderings regarding ChatGPT Vision. 

We have a winner from our recent TechBytes Quick Quiz: According to AI, how many trackpad gestures on a Mac? (15) Winner = Di Rector (director@goaisb.ro). If you are or know Di, have them claim their prize. 




We at AISB are truly international and our kiddos have such a variety of mother tongues. 

Working with MYP EAL and IS we came across a dilemma of providing students with class-specific resources in their mother tongue. As copying and pasting is not the answer, we came up with the following solution. Any Google Doc + Google Translate = Mother Tongue-translated .pdf resource. 

So, need your beautiful doc/Google slide to also be in Mandarin, Turkish, Hebrew, Spanish, etc? Have a quick look at the tutorial.⤵ 

UPDATE: Secondary Only 

Most of you have noticed that Managebac has gotten an update and the interface is quite different as well. It would seem that your previous “Turnitin Feedback Studio” settings need to be reset. 

Breakdown (2min 50sec): 

  • You will need to have a summative scheduled/created in MB
  • Do this once and the settings will be saved for all future tasks 


A Breakdown of ChatGPT Vision Features 

From “Generative AI No.1 AI page on Earth! Discover, Learn, Grow”

It has only been a week or so since the ChatGPT vision has become available in Romania. Here are the top most exciting new use cases that you should know:

  • Document Simplifier: Toss in your complex documents, charts, or datasets and receive simplified, digestible explanations. Making biology a breeze for a 9th grader or decoding complex graphics effortlessly.
  • Sketch to App: Transition from a simple sketch to a functional digital asset like a website, app, or game. Witness a sketch morphing into a live website in under a minute. Your doodle is now a step towards coding mastery!
  • Medical Decoder: Make sense of X-rays, prescriptions, and medical reports with on-the-go interpretations, a stride towards making healthcare more accessible.
  • Design Generator: Turn sketches into professional-grade images, ads, and designs in a snap, elevating your creative projects. Meet your virtual front-end engineer!
  • Language Translator: Traverse through foreign languages or unclear handwriting, making communication seamless across borders.
  • Symbol Interpreter: Snap and decode those baffling labels on food containers, traffic signs, or delivery boxes, ensuring you’re never lost in translation.
  • Excel Buddy: Snapshot your data, feed it to ChatGPT, and behold! Retrieve analyses, charts, or spreadsheets, making data interpretation a breeze. A new era of simplified data handling!
  • Screenshot to Code: Transform screenshots of dashboards, apps, or websites into actionable code, your gateway to recreating digital platforms. A new horizon for digital recreation!
  • Problem Solver: Stuck situations? ask ChatGPT for a resolution. Your personal gym planner or a culinary guide with picture-to-palatable recipe transformations, solving your daily dilemmas in a snap

These features are currently available with ChatGPT4 (paid) or with Bing in Creative Mode (free). Here is a quick example of some of these in use


How Many Applications Are Actually Open?

A simple, two-key shortcut to help speed up your Mac. Sometimes applications are just running in the background and slowing things down.

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