Power up learning with ISTE + SDG4

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Learn about the SDGs and ISTE Standards Alignment —
Use Pixl to quickly edit a photo online —
10 Youtube channels that will help to make you smarter.

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Our Digital Learning Team firmly believes in and subscribes to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)‘s comprehensive standard-based roadmap to create high-impact, sustainable, scalable and equitable learning experiences for learners of all ages. The ISTE Standards are used around the world as policy and implementation guides, and at AISB, they inform our own Digital Learning Statements.
SDG4 and ISTE Standards Alignment

We want to draw your attention to an excellent resource from ISTE, linking the standards to the Sustainable Development Goal number 4 (SDG4), which centers around a quality education for all students.

This might come in handy for your own planning when you are having discussions with students based on the SDG framework.

SDG 4 is broken into seven parts. This page highlights each part and shows how the ISTE Standards provide support in achieving each goal.

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In a hurry to edit a photo? Give Pixlr a try.

Pixlr can do all the basic edits you need, add text to photos, and even make animated (.gif) files. The best is that it’s completely free and you don’t even need to sign up!
Here are some super short tutorials if you’d like to learn more.
YouTube can be overwhelming.

That’s why we recommend checking out this Twitter thread with great suggestions of channels “that will make you smarter.”