An AI Tutor for Learners of All Ages

In This Edition:

  • AI as a tutor: a mega prompt to try —
  • Tutorial: How to create appointment schedules in Google Calendar — 
  • Shortcut: Google’s new Grammar Check option —
  • Update: Google Bard is now available — 
  • A short survey about our AI sessions.

It’s good to be back, Vampires! 🦇

We hope you had a rewarding first week with your learners.

To kick off the year, we want to highlight a few helpful tools and strategies for you to try when you can.

We also want to hear your opinion about the AI sessions we offered with a super short survey. 🙏🏻 📊


According to the research shared by Professor Ethan Mollick and colleagues, from The Wharton School, one of the most promising uses of AI is as a tutor. However, to be able to do that effectively, users need an expert prompt.*

If you were present during our team’s worskshop recently, you may have spent valuable time experimenting with prompt engineering to improve results from the Natural Language Models we recommend for education use.

As you know, this takes time and practice. So, here’s a prompt you may want to save and test out on ChatGPT4 (or Perplexity with co-pilot / Bing in Creative Mode)** to see if it’s a good fit for you.

* An expert prompt, as defined by Mollick and team, considers all of the following elements: role; goal; step-by-step instructions; add examples; add personalization; add your own constraints; and final steps.

**Attention: this will only work well with ChatGPT4-enabled tools. Read more here about how to use them for free.



In this tutorial, we show you how to create appointment schedules in Google Calendar.

It allows you to organize appointments with parents and others outside the school regardless of the email provider used by them.

Table of Contents:

00:26 – In this tutorial, learn about appointment schedules
00:37 – Go to Google Calendar and create an event
00:47 – Find the appointment schedule option
00:53 – Go through the options
3:24 – Get the booking page link
3:41 – Test booking a slot


Google Bard is now available for @goaisb users to try!

Look for how-to use ideas in next week’s edition. 😉



Google now offers an AI-driven grammar checker WITHIN its search bar.

This tool is currently accessible only in English.

Simply type a sentence or phrase into Google Search and add terms like “grammar check,” “check grammar,” or “grammar checker.” 

When the inputted phrase is accurate, a ✅ green check mark will appear courtesy of Google.

grammar check