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Check out five simple hacks to include in your teaching! — Review our Tech & Wellness suggestions —
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Hello, Vampires!  We continue to share ideas, strategies, and articles to ignite your curiosity and deepen discussions around the use of technology in the classroom.

We all use it, so why not up your game a bit?
This week we focus on good old Google Slides. 
This week we have a tutorial covering a number of tips for you to better implement Google Slide Presentations in your instruction. 
  • Shortcuts
  • Formating Options
  • Images & Video
  • Website Functionality
  • PNG Hack
Upcoming Sessions

Face to Face: Screencastify – 
The Best Formative Feedback
Webinar: Back to School with EdpuzzleThursday, 23rd Sep, 4:00pm with @Nicola Foote and @Bogdan Copil. This session will focus explicitly on exciting New Edpuzzle Features and How to Maximise the use of Edpuzzle in class.
  • Secondary: Projectors…
    Secondary projectors identified as requiring Epson iProjection will have this: 
    All other projectors will use EasyMp. On the wall of every classroom you will find instructions to the program that works for the given projector: 

    EasyMP (video)


Too many Chrome browser tabs? Struggle to click on these with your cursor? 
Try these two keys together and you’ll run through them in order from left to right.