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Ideas to encourage content creation & creativity in our classrooms — 
The amazingness of Pages and Keynote — 
Simple formatting shortcuts (and a .gif made in Keynote).

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AISB Vision: We aspire to be a creative, courageous and compassionate community of learners.

The late Ken Robinson defined creativity as “the process of having original ideas that have value”. You have probably all seen his 2006 TED Talk – Do schools kill creativity? It now has over 73 million views!

At AISB, we promote the idea of students as being creators of content, not just consumers. We want students to be inventive and to have original ideas.

One of the ISTE Standards for Students, standard 1.6 Creative Communicator, connects directly with the AISB vision:

“Students communicate clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to their goals.”

“Students learn creativity by being creative.”


Never underestimate what young children can do. Content creation can begin at any age! EC4 students (4-year-olds) are exploring How The World Works and the concept of change. They have started to document their learning by taking photographs of the trees on campus.
Grade 5 Scratchers have been coding games and animations during the Scratch Club CCA. Students Think, Make, and Improve… Creativity at it’s finest! 

“Making is a way of documenting the thinking of a learner in a shareable artifact. Stages of a product “under construction” offer important evidence of productive thinking or scaffolding opportunities.” (Mitch Resnick, 2019)


Pages and Keynote are arguably two of the most powerful Apple apps you can use.

Why use Pages and Keynote? Versatility for creativity!

The best apps can be used in a plethora of different ways. One versatile app beats twenty one-feature-only apps hands down! The possibilities in both Pages and Keynote are vast. Here’s a quick summary of both apps:



Apple markets this app as “A canvas for creativity.”

Whether you use one of the 90+ templates or 700+ shapes, or create your own document from scratch, Pages is a great tool for creating any word processing document, as well as posters, letters, and even books!

Pages User Guide for Mac

Pages User Guide for iPad

Keynote is Google Slides on steroids. A very powerful creation tool.

With over 40 themes to choose from, you are able to create your own unique media. Keynote has an incredible 100+ cinematic transitions and effects. You can create presentations, animated GIFs, and movies!

Keynote User Guide for Mac

Keynote User Guide for iPad


Bring your laptop, or iPad, and learn about some cool features of these two apps!

 Exploring Pages and Keynote 
Thursday, Sept. 22
3:15 – 4:00
ES Makerspace with Sarah H
Magic Move Tutorial
In under two minutes, learn how to use one of the BEST transition/animation features of Keynote: Magic Move!


SHORTCUT: Made in Keynote