An All Vacation Edition

In This Edition:

A piece on Learning Management Systems — Important updates, including Google’s new storage policy — Shorcut: Hot Corners on Macs.

Hello, Vampires! 

This week we focus on you… focusing on you. We’re celebrating the much-needed and much-deserved break awaiting us next week.

We hope everyone will embrace the possibility of getting back out in the world and when we come back from the break, recharged, be a force for good with your kids and learn and grow as colleagues… (See what we did there?) Guiding Statements

We know you don’t need convincing, but have a look at this article from the Harvard Business Review:  The Data-Driven Case for Vacation 

We all need a break… 

Breaks aren’t just Spring Break! Have a look at this quick Edutopia video regarding the positive effects of taking breaks when learning. 

EDUTOPIA  The Science Behind Brain Breaks 

If you would like to share something that is happening in your online classroom in a future edition of Tech Bytes, please let the Digital Learning Team know

Plan your trip ahead 

Not too many of us carry a guidebook around anymore. Let all your vacation scouting pay off by creating your own customized Google Map with Mymaps. Have a look at this tutorial from Troy to learn how to have your itinerary “mapped” out on your phone for your upcoming holiday. 

My Maps On your Phone – Google Maps Tutorial 

Learn how to create amazing digital narratives when we come back from the break. 
The times are TBD until we hear about any changes in school openings.