A Gaggle of Google Updates

In This Edition:

Learn about some recent Google updates and get some new tricks under your belt — Check out the changes in the AirBnB platform — Shortcut: Paste text without formatting.

Vampires 🦇, we hope our Secondary teachers out for Experiential Week are enjoying themselves.

This week we thought we would share with you a number of recent updates from Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals (G Suite). We have some TECH PD Power Lunch sessions on offer as well as a very, very useful shortcut. 


Recent Google Updates and Additions 
All of these are super quick and easy to try out, and if you want us to help, or even see where they could impact teaching and learning, just reach out.

❶ In a Google Doc, type @
This will immediately give you a number of options from the traditional “insert”, plus a few newly added features

Google Doc – insert Google Docs Drop Down 
From the toolbar at the top, select insert, then:   
Have a look 

❸ Google Doc – insert a Project Tracker 
A great tool to quickly embed in your Google Doc for Project Management & Group Work 

Have a look

Google Classroom – Insert a large image in the Stream 
Before, this always appeared as an attachment, but not anymore!*
Good for Canva for Education and Bitmoji
*still needs some sort of text in order to post 
**will always list the file name directly under the image

Have a look

❺ Google Doc – Use Emojis to provide feedback/reaction
Highlight any text – look for this on the right side of the doc. 

Have a look

Google Chrome – “Attention Span vs. Rabbit Hole” 
Use the “Journeys” option to see how you got to a specific URL
i.e. “How did I get to the weird part of Youtube”?
In Chrome, command + Y (History), then select: 
Good for engagement and analyzing research skills

Have a look

Need to consolidate your curriculum from “My Drive” to your department or team’s “Shared Drive”? Or, are you sadly leaving us at the end of the year?
This session will provide you with alternatives for migrating docs across Google Drives, within your @goaisb.ro and to a professional account if necessary. 
PYP Lunch
Tuesday, May 24
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Secondary Lunch
Thursday, May 26
CR 300
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Aircover | Split stays | Categories 
It’s not like we’re counting the days, but some of you are making summer plans and might be interested in a few changes happening with Airbnb. 

Changes to Airbnb 
Paste Text Without Formatting!

Command + Shift + V

Get tired of pasting and having to go back and change the font, font size, line spacing, etc?
Use this super-short shortcut and paste to exactly your current document settings.