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More food for thought about ChatGPT and AI tools for education —
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Welcome back, Vampires!

Of course, A.I. is not brand new. Opening your phone with Face ID, smart home devices, and shopping/viewing experiences (think Amazon/Netflix recommendations) all utilize artificial intelligence.

We continue to take a look at the world of artificial intelligence and the impact it is having on education so far. Jen Newton shared this interesting podcast from The Ezra Klein Show with us: Best Of: Is A.I. the Problem? Or Are We?

Responding to the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Currently a hot topic of conversation amongst educators worldwide, artificial intelligence is here to stay. Over the coming months and years, there will likely be many adjustments in how educators manage, implement, and take advantage of A.I. technologies to enhance student learning.

In the following video (just over 9 minutes long), John Spencer addresses how schools can respond to the A.I. revolution that is only just beginning:
Here are some resources created for teachers who are considering utilising AI with students:


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