AI replacing Humans? Not yet!

In This Edition:

  • Three AI-related Articles
  • Resource: Introducing Curipod
  • Shortcut: Make a PDF fillable in seconds!

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Another AI focus today… enjoy!


Articles about AI in education are being written almost every day, it seems! We have curated three for you to peruse here:


If you like PearDeck, you might also enjoy the AI-infused Curipod

Personalized Feedback is one of the many tools available in Curipod. You ask a question and students answer it on their devices.
Then, based on the information you gave Curipod about the assignment, objectives, and standards — the tool will give students personalized feedback on their answers. You can see this as a teacher and always adjust, but it’s worth trying it out!

The ‘free forever’ version of Curipod includes:

  • All core features
  • Unlimited Curipods
  • Unlimited students
  • 20 monthly translator credits
  • 1000 character limit on student responses for AI feedback
  • Email and chat support

Curipod is GDPR compliant for teachers to use, as long as you don’t upload students’ personal data to the platform.

Here is an extremely comprehensive video (1 hour long, but with chapters), that explains many of the numerous tools available in Curipod:



🚀 Did you know that you can easily make a PDF fillable?

Open the PDF in Preview (it will most likely open in Preview automatically on your school laptop). Click on the ‘form filling tool bar’ icon (top right) and most (sometimes not all) spaces that require information will become text boxes. 

If a space does not appear as a text box, hit Control (^), Command (⌘), T, and a text box will appear.

PDF fillable