Embrace the Possibility + Important Updates!

In This Edition:

A piece on Learning Management Systems, their importance and significance for the org. —
Important updates, including Google’s new storage policy — 
Shortcut: Hot Corners on Macs.

Your Weekly Digital Learning Compendium


Hi Vampires!

This week we embrace possibility as we take a reflective look at some tools we already have at our disposal.


At AISB we use different Learning Management Systems (LMS), like Seesaw, Google Classroom, and ManageBac. These are platforms we might take for granted as being many things:

– a proper system
– effective in their management
– enriching learning 
By definition, an LMS is a simple set-up, but being the foundation of both teaching and learning makes this a complex and often far-from-perfect system. 

Have a look at the following LMS-focused article, which identifies Empathy, Community, Consistency, Support, and Design as key elements of an effective LMS. 

Designing Your LMS to Make Distance Learning Better


We have a couple of reminders/updates for you this week. 

The Ol’ Netflix vs. Apple TV Conundrum 

The Apple TVs don’t like for you to play streaming sites via your device – it is a problem. 

Here’s a solution!

Laura has procured the school a Netflix subscription
This has been added as an app to the Apple TVs in currently three designated areas:

The Theatre  •  CR 300 • The Secondary Library

If you know you need to access some educational resources via Netflix for your class, please use the Veracross Make a Reservation resource to secure one of these spaces and check for their availability.

Google Drive Storage Limit

Google Workspace for Education accounts will no longer support unlimited storage beginning in January. Instead, organizations will be allocated a shared storage pool for all users. This change is being driven by Google, which is eliminating the unlimited free storage.
What does it mean for us at AISB?

Starting in January, new storage limits will be imposed to all stakeholders, following these guidelines:
This is not an issue for most of you, but some of us will need to have a look at how we can reduce the number of large files in our My Drive and Shared Drives.

Teachers and students affected by the new storage limits going into effect in January will be contacted directly, but, for now, here are our recommendations for all:

Tip 1: Click here to see your exact Drive storage volume.

Tip 2: Watch G’s 2-minute tutorial on how to:
– identify how much storage you are currently using with your school account

– quickly delete some of these larger files to get ahead of the January date.
Also, like many people, you might be asking yourself, “what is BIG?” in terms of digital file sizes.

Have a look at this quick reference guide (Simple Google Doc, audio/music file, feature film/595 photos)


Hot Corners

Allows you immediate functions on your Mac by simply scrolling your cursor to one of the four corners of your screen.