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Hello, Vampires!  We continue to share ideas, strategies, and articles to ignite your curiosity and deepen discussions around the use of technology in the classroom.

Today, scroll down to learn more about the possibilities afforded by Screencastify, which we also subscribe to as a school.
By now, you have probably either used Screencastify, or seen materials produced with it at our school. This simple screen recorder works right from Chrome, can be edited pretty seamlessly online and be shared in a flash.

Students can use it, too!
Screencastify introduced a new tool last year that quickly became a favorite for teachers looking to record students’ voices. Submit is a GDPR-friendly, fast, secure and easy way for students to record and submit videos.
Submit overview. Duration: 0:50″
Submit comes at good time for Elementary and lower Middle School teachers, as it has some of the same features enjoyed with Flipgrid, which now requires parental consent and is therefore off of our GDPR-approved Software list for all students under 13

Staff Expertise
At AISB, we have many colleagues who are passionate about how to enhance their use of tech tools, and some of them have even volunteered to share their expertise. Here’s Liviu Clinciu, our ES Romanian Teacher, showing us his favorite strategies for Screencastify and Submit. Reach out to Liviu if you’d like to learn more (lclinciu@goaisb.ro).

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