Tech Bytes: Short and Sweet (Less is More)

In This Edition:

  • Article: AI in Education – support for teachers and students
  • Professional Learning: AI Search in Education mini-course
  • Resources: Brain Breaks for Your Classroom, Outdoor Classroom Day
  • Shortcut: Create new Google files FAST

Happy Wednesday, Vampires 🦇!

As we head into the final stretch of the school year, and knowing the plethora of tasks it brings, we are keeping this short and sweet. Let’s end the year strong!💪


AI in Education

This article explores eight applications of AI, the benefits of AI in education, the types of AI technologies in education, and more!


AI Search in Education

Sign up for this free mini-course. Seven bite-sized lessons (one a day) from Perplexity for Education will appear in your inbox to help you explore how you can integrate AI into your teaching experience. Each lesson can be read in under 5 minutes! No prior AI experience is required. 


Brain Breaks for Your Classroom

Edutopia have curated a collection of their popular articles and videos illuminating the benefits of taking breaks on student productivity, creativity, well-being, and more. It includes ideas to use in K-12 classrooms.

Take The Learning Outside

Take advantage of the brighter weather, disconnect, and take the learning outdoors. 

Take it a step further and join in the global Outdoor Classroom Day, coming up on 23rd May. Find out more here


Create new Google Files in seconds!

🗂️ Open a new tab and type into the URL address bar. A new Google Slides file will open immediately. You can do the same for Docs (, Sheets (, and Google Sites ( These files are automatically saved in your own Google Drive.

💡Top tip: Move the new file to the Drive location it needs to be saved in as soon as you create it.

Google shortcut