The Long Cuts Edition A Ton of Shortcuts for You!

In This Edition:

An entire edition dedicated to shortcuts: Docs, Drive, branding tips, toggling between programs, finding things fast —
Prof. Learning options for departing teachers and their Google Drive storage.

Your Weekly Digital Learning Compendium


Hi Vampires!

We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from you guys about our Shortcuts segment… So, here you go; an entire Tech Bytes dedicated to Shortcuts. 


Departing Teachers & Drive
We are offering some 1:1 time to sit down and work on migrating docs to Shared Drive and migrating curricular content that you want to take with you.

Pick an appointment slot to meet with us
If there is currently not a time that works for you, just reach out to us and we will find some individual time that fits into your schedule. 


1. Your Content Creation and Branding 

Sometimes you want to spruce up your Google Docs and Slides Presentations with the school’s amazing new branding. You have access to all the cool stuff, logos, patterns, etc, but you want to further customize your content with the schools’ colours for font, text boxes, and everything…
How to quickly add all the colours from the new branding – Simply copy and paste. 

2. Proper Shortcut for Google Docs Spellcheck 

3. Sad Computer? Tired of awkwardly clicking on things with your cursor? 

Do you really need all those programs open? 

Having multiple programs open will affect your Mac’s CPU (its little computer brain) and how quickly it gets things done…

Not only will the following shortcut allow you to check what you have open and running, but it will allow you to toggle quickly between programs allowing you to work more efficiently across platforms.

Command + tab (make sure you hold the command button down and hit tab once, or more than once for toggling through multiple applications – find the one you want and let go of command)

4. Clean up your Desktop

Got a lot of “junk” crowding up your Desktop? Try Stacks!

5. Find Sites Fast

Veracross, Seesaw, Google Classroom, Drive docs, Airbnb — you have a lot of sites and pages you need to revisit. Find them quickly and keep them organized with a Bookmark Manager and your Bookmarks Bar.

6. Find Sites Fast, Part 2

Maybe bookmarking isn’t your thing, so take advantage of Chrome’s URL autofill to get to your usual places quickly.