Happy Holidays

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Happy Wednesday, Vampires! 2.5 days to go: We got this!

The holidays are here and, with them, an opportunity to reset, recharge and recalibrate. For many of us, a digital detox is in order!

If unplugging is part of your plans, we sincerely hope you are able to disconnect from our work email and daily obligations for as long as possible, leaving computers behind to enjoy the gift of travel, holiday meals with family and friends, and the making of new memories. ⛰
For some of us, a productive itch starts right around the first days of the new year. That can mean reassessing needs, making plans for the year, rethinking how our homes are organized, purging what we don’t need, and even tidying and sorting the often overwhelming amount of photos, documents, and digital tidbits across our devices. 

Sound familiar?

You are not alone. If you do get the itch to be online, AND decluttering is part of your holiday plans, you may wish to file this newsletter away for when you’re ready to dig into your digital vault!
“Does it spark joy?!”

Doesn’t it feel great when you physically declutter spaces around you? Doing the same to your digital life has the potential to free your mind and increase your productivity. Take a look at the 4-minute video below for some tips and inspiration, followed by some quality resources to get you started.
Check out this awesome resource from Curtin University for excellent tips to get you started.

Want to go further? Read this: Digital Minimalism: How To Declutter Your Online Life

Are your photos saved all over the place? This awesome tutorial provides detailed instructions to organize your photos on a Mac.

This one can also come in handy: Organize your computer files.

Planning on using FaceTime much during the break to connect with friends and family? Here is a tip to get the most out of your sound and image while using an iPhone or iPad! You’ll even learn how to block out background sounds.