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ChatGPT is taking the world by storm. Are you ready? —
Create animated holiday cards with this tutorial —
Shortcut: Search all open tabs in Chrome.

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Hi Vampires!

Are you a fan of in-class, handwritten assignments? Then maybe the new hype behind Artificial Intelligence is actually a good thing .
ChatGPT is all the rage… What is itHow does it work? (Yikes!)

Here is a rather interesting article from John Spencer, 

“The AI Revolution Is Already Here” 

“Right now, we are having a cultural moment where we are recognizing the power of Artificial Intelligence. It’s been a slow build. Auto-correct here. Grammarly suggestion there. An auto-fill option in G-mail and in Google Searches. A small chat at the bottom left-hand corner with AI who will help you get that refund on the flight you purchased from Expedia. But it always felt small and in the margins. But then ChatGPT came along and suddenly we are left asking, “What does this mean for the future of work? What does mean for teaching and learning?”

The revolution is happening fast. In just over a week, Chat GPT has surpassed a million users. To put that in perspective, it took Instagram two years to reach that benchmark. And this is just the beginning.”

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It is a season! 
And starting this Friday, we will be on a break. For many of you, this will look rather different, but for most, it will be some form of celebration. So why not send a nice bit of love to someone with a custom holiday message?

Watch this 1 MINUTE and 40 SECOND tutorial to avoid this issue. 
Turnitin’s Similarity Report is a powerful tool, but sometimes weeding through percentages that are attributed to the task sheet (instructions, rubric, etc), can give students a misleading report.


🥷 In the unfortunate event that your iPhone gets stolen or completely lost, here are 7 important tips from Apple about what you should do to protect your data.


Hey, let’s be honest. Some of us have way, way too many tabs open. And sometimes, just sometimes, we struggle to find the one tab (out of 65) that we need to be on. 

Try the shortcut: Command + Shift + A

It will allow you to search all open tabs.
Looks like this: