Vampy Sticker Edition

In This Edition: Three tutorials focusing on all things Mac.

  • An article on the power of old-school stickers
  • An assortment of stickers for you to provide positive feedback and motivation on your kiddos’ work
  • A tutorial on how to customize vampy .gif stickers to your specific needs

Good morning Vampires🦇! Spring is almost here and to continue with the positive vibes we bring you an assortment of marvelously motivational animated gifs. 

Who doesn’t love a sticker (“Seal of Approval 🦭”)? We revisit our analog years when everyone loved to get a star on their paper by “vamping” up some old-school, good teaching practices. 


Article: “The Power of Stickers for Motivation and Positive Behavior” by Darri Stephens

Praise-worthy moments, why not give the kids a sticker? 
“Stickers are a great way to speak to that intrinsic motivation and recognize positive student behavior.”

Copy Paste

Vampy Animated Gif Stickers 

For the following Animated GIF stickers, this will make you your own copy and all you have to do is Copy & Paste. 

Rock On2

Tres bien

Remember, all you need to do is copy the gif and paste into a Google doc, sides, Gmail.
(Your Vampies might be moving a little slow when the page first opens).

Customising Your Own Vampy Stickers

Blank for you to customise
Blank for you to customise

Russ Vampy

A quick tutorial on how easy it is to customize your own GIF using Giphy. You can access the blank customisable Vampy GIFs in the following doc. 

Vampy Custamisable Gifs 


Chrome is very intuitive. Many of us use bookmarks, but you can simply type the name of a doc in the URL above and the Google doc will start to appear. 

For example…

Copy Tech bytes stick…
And the document auto fills…