Holiday Edition – AISB’s 3Cs

In This Edition:

Suggestions on how you can use some time over the break to engage with AISB’s 3cs:

  • Be Creative: some low and high tech ideas — 
  • Be Courageous: try something new —
  • Be Compassionate: some ways to practice self-care and also help others —

Happy ‘Almost-the-break’, Vampires🦇! 

As the holiday season approaches, it’s important for you to take some time to rest and recharge.

Whether you are travelling or staying home, we hope you will find something in this week’s Tech Bytes that resonates with you.

Remember, taking care of yourself is essential to being the best you can be. Use this time to rest, recover, and re-energize for 2024. Happy holidays!


Be Creative!

“Science continues to reveal encouraging evidence about the mental health benefits of creativity” according to this article by Diversus Health. Click on the image below for some initial ideas. We give low/no tech ideas and their some/high tech alternatives! Click on the image to find out more:

Be Courageous!

Studies have shown that courage is the ability to pursue goals despite risk or fear, and it has been linked to increased psychological well-being. This article shares “15 Everyday Acts of Courage“. You could spend some time learning a new tech skill or exploring software you haven’t used before – here are some starter ideas:

Be Compassionate!

Why is compassion so important for your own wellbeing? This article answers that very question. One more click:

AISB Gets Compassionate (USE) (1)