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How can working with a coach help you grow as a professional and educator? — Great professional learning opportunities, podcasts and other online resources to explore — Shortcut: Force Quit Your Computer.

Good morning, Vampires! 🦇
“When teachers stop learning, so do students.” 
Jim Knight
In the AISB Future Plan, learning is at the heart of what we do for our students AND for ourselves.
Learning: To cultivate a community that understands learning and seeks to improve
  • Educators build the capacity, efficacy, and craftsmanship to facilitate and assess concept-based teaching and learning.
Capacity Building: To empower our learning community to develop their voice, agency, and leadership capacity
  • AISB has sustainable systems for professional learning, using coaching and mentoring as tools.
There are many ways we can choose to enhance our capacity as educators. One way to kick start your professional learning is to work with a coach by either embarking on a coaching cycle or simply having one or two coaching conversations.

Indeed, research has shown that instructional coaching has a greater impact on classroom instruction than many other forms of professional learning. 

Here’s a short video
(just over a minute long) about coaching at AISB:
Upcoming Online Workshops/Webinars Podcasts
Today we highlight some of the many options and opportunities for virtual field trips.

Museums for Digital Learning is a free platform for K-12 educators with curated museum collection resources to help educators and students. MDL content and interactive features are developed by museum education and curatorial professionals in consultation with classroom educators and technology consultants. Here are just a few of the many museums that have curated digital content for use in schools: