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A piece on Learning Management Systems — Important updates, including Google’s new storage policy — Shorcut: Hot Corners on Macs.

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This week: Be a force for good in the world… and beware of how your personal information is being used by the different applications you use daily.

    Derrick Schultz, for The New York Times

    In The New York Times On Tech newsletter, Shira Ovide often writes about both exciting and unsettling issues in the world of big tech, such as how ransomware has brought down hospitals and schools in the US, or how Bitcoin is normal now. This week’s issue shines a light on app tracking

    Why should you worry?

    “Let’s say you see in the description in the iPhone app store that a weather app records your location all of the time and keeps a record of all of the apps where you have entered the same email address. You have no way of knowing what the app maker needs that data for or whether that information is sold or shared with other companies.”

    What could go wrong?

    Well, your data may end up in a site like this.

    These days, we do indeed have little control about what happens to our personal information, but there are ways we can be proactive about it. Read more about this and some helpful strategies used to block digital tracking

      Three quick tips that will help you to get to know your device and how it works:
      Are you ever unable to open a file from a student?

      Are your students getting 0% with Turnitin?

      Have a quick look at a few common ways kids try to pull fast ones with their teachers and digital documents.