Embrace Possibility – Welcome to 2022

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How can our Creative, Courageous and Compassionate Learners pursue individualized pathways? Coaches are here to help!
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Welcome back, 🦇Vampires 🦇!
We hope you had an eventful and restful break. This week we are Embracing the Possibilities with a simple #NewYearsResolution, Twitter! We also have another edition of our Mac Preview series, plus a simple shortcut to save you time. As always, if you have any questions or want to meet with us regarding any of the Tech Bytes content, please reach out to us, your Tech Team.
Twitter, for the uninitiated, might seem like yet another, energy-exhausting social media platform. We’re here to let you know it does not have to be. “Twitter provides a modern platform for teachers to share, network, gain emotional support, build professional learning communities and make a contribution to their profession” (Brendon Hyndman).

Have a look at this nice article discussing why teachers look to Twitter for professional development and motivation, “Why teachers are turning to Twitter.”

And you don’t have to actually “do” anything, you can simply follow certain accounts and concepts/hashtags that relate to your teaching. You don’t even need an account… have a look at some of the following hashtags below for tons of motivation and ideas and make sure to have a look at the conversations and sharing going on amongst our fellow vampire teachers at #AISBis or #GoVampires.

Sometimes you want your Slide Presentations a little tighter.
And, sometimes, you just need to add a signature.
(How to use Preview as a simple Photoshop hack)

 Annotating & Editing an image or .pdf with Preview
Screenshots! You know your Command + Shift + Control + 4… and your Command + Shift + 3This Command + Shift + 5 will give you all your screenshot options plus it immediately opens Quicktime for Screen Recording as well.