Learn & Grow Together: An All CHROME Edition

In This Edition:

Three time-identified tutorials focusing on your Chrome Browser

  • Tier One: a brief video; a few minutes tops 

  • Tier Two: super-brief; roughly 30 seconds 

  • Tier Three: a shortcut, lightning-fast

Another Wednesday edition, Vampires! 🦇 

In This Edition: An All Chrome Edition to help you maximize your browser abilities. Three types of tiered tutorials; a few minutes, half a minute, and a few seconds! It’s certifiably impossible to not learn something new. 💪🏼


All Chrome Icons TIme copy

Being a Google For Education school we rely heavily on Chrome. This week we provide you with some very useful tips for maximizing your browser usage. For your efficiency, we have categorized these into three tiered categories as shown above. Enjoy!

 TIER 1: Brief Video  

iMac Template Chrome Performance copy

Chrome Performance

Tutorial 📹: We use it so much and often we leave a lot of windows and tabs open (part of what we do). This quick tutorial will help your Chrome perform better; run faster and lag less (…4:00 duration).


Chrome Tab Groups

Tutorial 📹: Much like bookmarking, Tab Groups allows you to categorize webpages/Google Docs/etc. by theme and subject. You can save these and open them later (…ends at 4:26 = 3:25 duration).

 TIER 2: Super Brief

Split-screen: Two windows at once 📹

Have two Chrome windows open simultaneously 

Google Chat: In its Own Window (just a link ⚡️)

Toggling within your Gmail between your inbox and your Google Chat/Spaces can be a drag. Just bookmark this link and leave it comfortably in its own window. 

Chrome Memory: Rely on Chrome’s URL Memory 📹

Chrome will remember your “go-to” sights. Just type a keyword from the title of one of these resources or a key feature and watch your browser open up the desired page. Voilà!

Bookmark Folders: Keep All Necessary Bookmarks in One Place

You can organize all the links to pertinent documents for your classes/subjects into specific folders. 

Media Player: Control media on tabs within your window

Once again… too many tabs open and can’t find which one has the video playing on it (or the video you want to start playing). Just click on the music icon. 

 TIER 3: Shortcut

Untitled drawing (33)

Different Windows
So, you have different windows open (these probably have different tabs), use this to jump between your various windows. 

COmmand + Shift + A

Which Tab is Which?
Yes, you have tooooo many tabs open in a window. This will provide you with a descriptive index of these so you don’t have to keep clicking on them all. 

Copy of COmmand + Shift + T

Oops, closed the wrong tab
We all accidentally close Chrome tabs and oops! Reopen your last tab with this

Copy of COmmand + Shift + T (2)

Toggle Across Tabs, Left or Right
It’s much quicker than clicking with the cursor and you can quickly jump from tab to tab. 

Untitled drawing (32)

Jump to Browser 
Avoid that awkward cursor moving. Go straight to the URL and type what you want to search on Google.