Let AI do the lifting for you.

In This Edition:

  • Edpuzzle and its new Teacher Assist tool
  • Canva’s new Magic Tools
  • Resource for the classroom: The Future of Jobs Report 2023
  • Google Currents is now Spaces


Your Weekly Digital Learning Compendium


Ce mai faceți, Vampiri?! 🦇

Ready for another A.I. edition? Don’t stop us now! 🫣

Today, learn how tools that we love and trust are embracing the revolution, and let them do more heavy lifting for you! 🤖

Before we forget: did you see that the World Economic Forum released its Future of Jobs 2023 report just recently? Here are some infographics you might like to use for discussions with your students.
In this edition:
  • Edpuzzle and its new Teacher Assist tool
  • Canva’s new Magic Tools
  • Resource for the classroom: The Future of Jobs Report 2023
  • Google Currents is now Spaces


Edpuzzle gives A.I. a go

Edpuzzle, a tool that is well loved by some of our teachers, has recently announced the addition of AI-generated questions to their platform.

This new feature is designed to help you save time! The AI-generated questions are based on the content of the video lesson and are designed to test students’ comprehension and retention. Teachers can also add their own questions to the video, creating a custom learning experience for their students.

Watch this 0:40″ clip to see the new features:

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Canva is the definition of MAGIC!

Canva is also embracing AI technology to improve its user experience and offer more advanced design tools. It suggests, for example, design elements based on the user’s preferences and past behavior. By analyzing the user’s historic data, Canva’s AI system can suggest color schemes, fonts, and other design elements.

But there is so much more. Check out this incredible list of new tools:
  1. Magic Design: effortlessly create personalized and fully customizable designs
  2. Draw: easily sketch and add shapes to any type of design
  3. Translate: communicate seamlessly across borders and in over 100 languages
  4. Magic Eraser and Magic Edit: swiftly remove unwanted objects and replace/add elements in photos
  5. Beat Sync: synchronize footage to the beat of a music track and create captivating videos
  6. Magic Presentation: generate an initial draft of a presentation with slides, outline, and content
  7. Magic Write: produce text across the entire Visual Worksuite in 18 languages
  8. Text to Image: generate unique images from a brief description in just seconds
  9. Create Animation: craft polished and engaging animations effortlessly
Canva AI + ChatGPT is Powerful! (Canva Magic Write Text Generator) — with Aurelius Tjin
Join our Canva School Account (with all the logos and branding colors!) by clicking this link! Bonus: You get immediate access to premium features by joining through the link.
(Available for teachers and 13+ students only – grades 7-12)


Colleagues & Community Migration:
From Google Currents to “Spaces” in Google Chat

Starting on May 11th (tomorrow), our Google Currents Colleagues & Community hub will became a “Space” in Google Chat. This migration is being forced by Google since Currents is being discontinued.

You will find the Colleagues & Community Space when you open Google Chat or Gmail, and open the “Spaces” section in the left navigation menu.

We can’t anticipate what this migration will do to existing posts, or whether the experience will need new guidelines under the new space, but we will get back to you with any updates shortly after the shift happens.