What’s next for AI in 24 + A Few Resources

In This Edition:

  • What to expect from GenAI in 2024 — 
  • Perplexity’s new features — 
  • Professional Learning opportunities — 
  • A Podcast Rec: Body Electric — 
  • Update: 2-Factor Authentication for Google.

La Mulți Ani, Vampires! 🦇 🎊

Here’s to a year where you can achieve everything you set your mind to!

✨ And given the rapid advance of everything these days, we can also expect better and faster tools in the field of generative AI.

🆕 This edition will focus on sharing predictions for 2024 and one resource you can use to bring this discussion into your classroom.

In addition, learn about Perplexity’s new features, and a new non-negotiable setting for our Google suite. ⚠️

🛣️ Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


What’s Next for AI in 2024

Outrageous predictions aside, below are three things we believe educators will want to watch in 2024, based on the predictions published by MIT Technology Review writers Melissa Heikkilä and Will Douglas Heaven:

Customized Chatbots and Generative AI: Tech giants like Google and OpenAI are focusing on user-friendly platforms in 2024 to enable the creation of custom mini chatbots without coding skills. These platforms are aimed at regular users, allowing them to utilize multimodal AI models (like GPT-4 and Gemini) that process text, images, and videos.

Advancements in Generative AI for Video: Rapid improvements in AI-driven video generation, with Runway’s Gen-2 model producing high-quality short videos, are underway. There’s even an upcoming AI Film Festival (‼️‼️).

AI-Generated Election Disinformation: The ease of creating realistic deepfakes and AI-generated content raises real concerns about the impact on political climates. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“In Argentina, two presidential candidates created AI-generated images and videos of their opponents to attack them. In Slovakia, deepfakes of a liberal pro-European party leader threatening to raise the price of beer and making jokes about child pornography spread like wildfire during the country’s elections. And in the US, Donald Trump has cheered on a group that uses AI to generate memes with racist and sexist tropes.”


🔗 AISB’s Responsible Use Policy states:

I understand that the use of artificial intelligence tools poses ethical questions. Artificial Intelligence tools can only be used when directed by teachers.”

Perplexity’s New Features

It’s fair to say that we love Perplexity at AISB, and it keeps getting better and better!

Here are three new features to be aware of:

🌌 Upload Images

Effortlessly upload files, from PDFs and CSVs to images, and explore their contents with questions using cutting-edge models like GPT-4V. See examples

🎨 Generate Images

Visualize your answers with image generation in styles such as illustration, painting, diagram, or photograph. Try it now

📚 Collections

Easily create, manage, and collaborate on collections at any time, from anywhere. Learn more about Collections


🚀 Ever wanted to become a Google Certified Innovator? This year, the in-person academy is back! G, Sarah, and Troy have gone through the program and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

🚀 Taking place right here in Bucharest, at the Cambridge School, the A.I.ducation ’24 Conference is set to be a day-long event filled with insights and expertise in the field of AI in Education with renowned speakers like Dan Fitzpatrick and Darren Coxon.

🚀 Shameless self-promotion aside, check out Learning 2 Europe for your professional learning this spring! This conference, designed by educators for educators, has consistently attracted a diverse and engaging audience at its various locations in Asia and Europe. The 2024 edition will take place at American School in Paris, and the early bird discount has been extended until January 14th.

🚀 Find here a list of other face-to-face conferences happening in Europe this semester.

⚙️ Important: If you’re considering any professional learning opportunities, please make sure to discuss them with your principal or supervisor prior to registering.


Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 8.09.41 AM

Body Electric is a 6-part investigation and interactive project with TED Radio Hour host, Manoush Zomorodi who takes you on a journey to understand the impact of your tech on your body … and how to live better with your devices. 🎧 We can’t recommend it enough!


During the month of January, AISB will be rolling out “Two-factor authentication” within Google. This is a mandatory step by our Cyber Security Insurance Provider.

Hopefully, setting up two-factor authentication on Google will be familiar to you as you have likely already used it with an online bank account.

You will see a video about this later on during the Wednesday PL sessions within your respective divisions. 📧 Please get in touch with our team, or with the DPO (Catalin) if you need any help.