Embrace Digital Storytelling

In This Edition:

A piece on Learning Management Systems — Important updates, including Google’s new storage policy — Shorcut: Hot Corners on Macs.

Good Morning, Vampires! This week’s edition has a ‘Digital Storytelling‘ focus. 
This is something that can be connected to ALL of our Guiding Statements!
  • Be a Force For Good in The World
  • Embrace Possibility
  • Make the World Our Classroom
  • Learn and Grow Together
  • Pursue Individualized Pathways
Want to know more? Read on! Are you a Digital Storyteller?
Have you taken a stunning photograph somewhere in Romania?

The ES Faculty Lounge is having a small(ish) makeover! Part of the plan for the redesign is to display photos of Romania that have been taken by staff. If you would like to contribute, please choose your ONE favourite shot and upload it to this form! Please note that if we receive a large number of photos, we might not be able to display them all at once.
Did you know that National Geographic has FREE online courses for educators?

“Learn from world-class National Geographic photographers, videographers, and visual designers in a series of Storytelling for Impact online courses. Created in partnership with Adobe, this series will teach you how to use compelling photography, video, graphics, and audio to tell stories in the most impactful ways to inspire change.”

Check out the six ‘Storytelling for Impact in Your Classroom‘ courses here.

You might also be interested in this book, available free on AppleBooks:

This week we share with you a couple of educators’ websites that have lots of information about using iPads in the classroom: