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Good morning, Vampires! Thank you for opening this week’s Tech Bytes newsletter. We continue to share ideas, strategies, and articles to ignite your curiosity and deepen discussions around the use of technology in the classroom.

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Using data to improve gender equity in the classroom by Stephanie Thompson

Equity Maps is an iPad app that allows teachers to track classroom conversations. The app turns this into data that both teachers and students can use to reflect on patterns and look at ways that students can take action to improve. 

The app includes options for teachers to record more qualitative data such as asking questions, interruptions, text connections. Providing data is a powerful tool – a third-grade student reflected:

Looking at data is more powerful because sometimes when you tell someone they say ‘yes’ but they actually don’t care or they don’t think or they forget it.. but with the data you see it, it’s harder to forget“.

You can learn about the app’s impact on learning by watching this action research video. 

Of course, we all hope that Distance Learning is a thing of the past. There is, unfortunately, a possibility that at some point in the year you may be forced online again. Here are a couple of simple tech checklists that we recommend are completed as soon as possible… just in case!

G1 – G2

  • My students are logged in to Seesaw
  • The iPad dock has the most important apps/sites organized

Grades 3-12

  • My students are logged into Seesaw (G3 to G5 only)
  • My students are logged into Google Classroom
  • My students have logged into Zoom
  • I have created a Zoom channel for my class(es)
We would like to share with you two professional learning opportunities that we identify as supporting our school-wide learning goals. If you are interested in participating in either of these, please let us know as soon as possible as we will be booking as a school cohort.  Indicate your interest through this form by Wednesday 15th September and we will get back to you once numbers have been established.

Be a Force for Good in the World and join the Digital Learning Team in taking the ISTE Digital Citizenship in Action course. The school is willing to sponsor a cohort across the school. For information regarding the expectations should you join the AISB cohort, please see here.

Be a part of the AISB cohort joining the Learning2 Europe conference online. Some of the strands offered directly align with our Future Plan: Coaching – Building Culturally Competent Schools – Project Based Learning – Student Agency