Spot the bot: learn how to identify deep fakes

In This Edition:

  • Deep Fakes: A definition and a few resources for teachers and students — 
  • Diffit: An AI tool for differentiation —
  • Shortcut: Option + Full Screen for a “fake” full screen. 

Happy Wednesday, Vampires! 🦇

Remember Deep Fakes?! These super-realistic fakes are like the Photoshop of video and audio, and they’re getting really good. Scarily good.

Why should we, as teachers, care? Because our students are growing up in a world where seeing isn’t always believing, and we need to show them how to spot the difference.

Today, we’ll share a few resources to assist you in developing and/or strengthening a new kind of street smarts — digital smarts!


Dall-E AI Generated Image. Prompt: An image of a child in front of a maze of faces. Realistic.
Dall-E AI Generated Image. Prompt: An image of a child in front of a maze of faces. Realistic.

What are Deep Fakes?

Deep fakes, as you may know, refer to highly realistic forgeries of photos, audio, and video created using AI technologies.

The rise in deepfake content is significant, with an increase of 900% between 2019 and 2020 alone, and predictions suggest that as much as 90% of online content could be synthetically generated by 2026​​. 👀

Explore Visual Misinformation

Tactical Tech  is an international NGO that investigates and mitigates the impact of digital technology on society.

Their team has put together resources, including lesson plans and guides, to help unpack these issues in the classroom:

Spot the Bot!

Test your ability to identify deep fakes through a series of engaging online games that challenge your perception and awareness.


Have you heard of Diffit?

Diffit for Teachers is a tool that is taking differentiation to a new level.

With it, you can:

  • Adapt articles, PDFs, or excerpts for different reading levels;
  • View sources;
  • Generate informational or narrative texts tailored to the student’s reading ability;
  • Build resources for background knowledge;
  • Provide differentiated reading practice;
  • And translate it to any language!

➡️ Diffit is GDPR-approved for teacher use and as it stands, it is free to use until January, 2024.

⚠️ Please note: We might be able to sign up for the premium service next school year if there is enough positive feedback. Keep us posted!


🚀 Holding the ⌥ Option key while clicking the green “full-screen” button in a window will maximize the window to fill the screen without making it go into full-screen mode.

This is a subtle difference but can be very useful for users who want to see their menu bar and dock without switching desktops.

option full screen