AI ain’t goin’ away!

In This Edition:

More on AI, with highlights to the following articles and tools: Guidance from the IB, Quizlet, Turnitin — 
Prof. Learning from GOA and ISS —
Shortcuts: Advanced Google Search.

Your Weekly Digital Learning Compendium


Buna, Vampires!

Yes, this week we have more on artificial intelligence. Why?

Well, as explained in this article, “Don’t roll your eyes – AI isn’t just another doomed tech fad“.
AI resources highlighted today:
  • Guidance from the IB
  • Quizlet
  • Turnitin

Past, present, and future?

Original tweet here.

Let’s NOT ban Artificial Intelligence in the classroom

The IB have released a statement about the use of AI in classrooms. Read more about how the use of AI tools should be in line with the IB’s academic integrity policy here.

Tools for Studying

Quizlet “is introducing Q-Chat, a fully-adaptive AI tutor that engages students with adaptive questions based on relevant study materials delivered through a fun chat experience”. Q-Chat uses the Socratic method to promote critical thinking by helping to deepen understanding and to keep the learning fun and interesting. Check it out here! Please note AISB GDPR guidance on using Quizlet with students: Quizlet is only allowed for students in 6th grade or older using a child account. It is mandatory that the student declares their actual age.
COMING SOON! (predicted April 2023) – Turnitin announces AI writing detector and AI writing resource center for educators. Read more here.

Professional Learning

Free Live Zoom Event on 22nd March 2023 (6pm Bucharest time):

Rethinking Assessment in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

See here for more information, including registration.
ChatGPT Tutorial (Become a Power User in 30 minutes) – Learn 10 different commands (and two tips) to get the best out of the LLM (Large Language Model).

Here is another way to get the best out of a ChatGPT command – use TANO:

Task – be specific and detailed about what you want
Audience – tell ChatGPT who it is for
Non-negotiables – things that it must include
Output – what do you want it to generate? e.g. list, lesson plan, cover letter, etc.

Shortcuts – Power up your Google search

Grade 5 students have been introduced to the Google operators in order to refine their searches during the PYP Exhibtion. Here is a video (6:42) to show how they work. Click on the image below for a better-resolution poster.