Learn more about our MagicSchool AI Pilot

In This Edition:

  • Professional Learning: Get to know MagicSchool AI, our new subscription-based tool.
  • Step into our classroom: Read testimonials from our colleagues
  • Tips: Organize your Google Drive documents with these ideas! 

Bună Ziua, Vampiri! 🦇

This time around, we want to share with you how MagicSchool AI can help make learning and professional growth more fun, efficient, and tailored just for your needs.

🚀 From now until July 2025*, all AISB teachers can take advantage of MagicSchool AI’s enterprise (premium) option. 

What is it?! Think ChatGPT 4 on steroids for teaching and learning! 💪 We think you will also love it! 

In this edition, we’ll be sharing stories from our colleagues and ideas about how you can use this powerful tool. 

*Official pilot period. Our team will use usage statistics and anecdotal evidence to make a decision regarding prolonging the premium subscription or choosing something new for AISB.


MagicSchool Training - Google Slides

Founded by a former Teacher and Principal, MagicSchool is the leading generative AI platform for educators. It contextualizes the power of AI for educators to tools that are immediately relevant in their world and eliminates the need for complex prompting.  

Get Started Now 🪄

Navigate to https://www.magicschool.ai and click “Sign Up Free”

Click to sign in with Google. You’ll sign up like any user for now and will be upgraded to our enterprise version automatically. If you already signed up for an account with your school email address, you’re already moved into the Enterprise version!

➡️ Bonus: Download the Chrome Extension. 

“Favorite” your most used tools! 

Try out a few tools and begin making MagicSchool a part of your daily workflow. You’ll be prompted with a walkthrough that will help you try a tool. Scan through tools and favorite a few that you’ll want to use regularly.

MagicSchool Training - Google Slides (1)

Additional Resources to Help you Make the Most of MagicSchool:

Reinforcing what we shared last week, find here their certification course, additional training resources and 1-pagers, information about our AI Pioneers ambassadors program, YouTube channel, and more.

Magic School Slides used by G during the Professional Learning Session

📆 Prefer learning face-to-face? Stop by for a quick intro with G:

🦇 PL Opportunity: 🪄 Magic School AI Intro
Where: Secondary Library – Digital Learning Office

8 Feb 2024, Thursday
13 Feb 2024, Tuesday
15 Feb 2024, Thursday


Read what our colleagues have to say about MagicSchool AI:

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Testimonial AISB (4)
Testimonial AISB (2)
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Google Drive Organization + Toddle Login

A few weeks ago, we ran a professional learning session for Secondary teachers that included a topic believed to be beneficial to all of us at AISB: Google Drive HOUSEKEEPING!

Take a look at our top 7 tips, some also favorited by the Secondary faculty.