A gauntlet of back-to-school upskill options that will save you time and add some flex to your tech game

In This Edition:

  • Labels in Gmail —

  • Branding tricks — 

  • Share ChatGPT links — 

  • Mirroring settings for Apple TV — 

  • Chrome Tabs — 

  • Full Screen shortcut — 

  • Split screen — 

  • Ad Blocker —

Happy Wednesday, Vampires! 🦇

The beginning of the year is hectic all around and we know that anything that can save a little time is well appreciated. So, we’ve put together an assortment of quick how-tos to up your back-to-school tech game.

From some simple shortcuts to help you maintain your focus (sanity), to some real time-savers as well. There are no long video tutorials this week with most of the how-tos being easily consumable 1-2 slide presentations. Enjoy!


Quick Tutorials to Upskill Teaching & Learning 

Template Guantlet Grpahics - Communication copy

Communication – Gmail – Create a label with specific members which will autofill just like a Group Email (Distribution List). This is very useful as it will autofill when writing an email or sharing a doc. Watch 🎦

Temp Guant New Content Creation copy

Content Creation – All things Docs – With this simple copy & paste move you will automatically add all the beautiful branding colours to your content creation in Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings Etc. Open Doc 🟨

Template Guantlet Grpahics - Collaboration copy

Collaboration – You can quickly share the results of your ChatGPT prompts (work) with your co-teachers and collaborators. Open Doc 🟨

Temp Guant New Instruction copy

Instruction – Sometimes it’s convenient to have two screens with your Apple TV/Projection. 1) one for you to see on your Mac & 2) one for the kiddos to see content. Open Doc 🟨

Temp Guant New Instruction copy

Instruction – It can be a little annoying to have to drag your cursor to the “Slideshow” button. Use the simple command + enter (⌘ + ↩) to go full screen/start your presentations. Open Doc 🟨

Temp Guant New eff copy

Efficiency – It doesn’t take long before you have opened more Chrome tabs than you can shake a dongle at. This simple command Command + Shift + A will help you navigate what’s actually open and where to find the correct tab. Open Doc 🟨

Temp Guant New eff more room copy

Instruction – We rely quite a bit on YouTube, but the amount of time and the focus of some of the ads can be a time waster and often distracting. Add this to your Google Chrome and 🚫 never see another ad again – FYI, it blocks ads on other sites as well. Open Doc 🟨