Spring Wellness Challenge

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Welcome to the Spring Wellness Challenge!

Everything is better with friends! Join with us to form healthy habits by creating routine and accountability.

It’s been challenging for many of us to keep up with personal fitness and wellness goals over these past several months. Many find the best way to refocus and commit to goals is through data and group accountability, so, why not create a tracker and connect a group to support and encourage us to a healthier life?!

Open to all staff in all phases of their personal wellness journeys, members will support each other in their unique, self chosen goals (examples below) through comments on the tracking doc and in real life. We can set up group activities based on similar goals and challenges and form bonds that will last beyond this challenge.

The challenge runs from May 10th to June 11th; to participate complete the form below by Saturday, May 8th. I will enter your goals into a tracking spreadsheet which you will update everyday with your progress. 

Start Your Challenge Here!
Create up to 8 specific, measurable wellness goals/challenges for yourself using the form – check out some example goals:
  • Sleep – 7 hours total, measured by fitbit; 7 days per week
  • Gym – 60 min weight training or 30 min HIIT; 4 days per week (MWThF)
  • Read – 30 minutes; 5 days per week
  • Run – 20 min treadmill or forest run; 5 days per week (MTuWThF)
  • Yoga – 10 min restorative; 7 days per week
  • Water – 1l minimum; 7 days per week
  • Journaling – 1 journal entry daily
  • Nutrition – No wheat, booze, milk, cheese, candy; 6 days per week (MTWThSaSu)
  • Bike – Commute or ride; 5 days per week (any days)
  • Calories – 4K calories burned, measured by fitbit; 7 days per week
  • Steps – 10k steps per day, measured by fitbit, 7 days per week
  • Meditation – 15 minutes using down dog app daily
  • Art – 45 minutes of creation; 3 days per week (any days)
email Erik – epeterson@goaisb.ro
Start Your Challenge Here!