The A.I.Ducation24 Edition + A Few Other Goodies

In This Edition:

  • Article: AI and Math
  • Highlights from the AI Conference from the past weekend;
  • Upcoming faculty-led session;
  • Updates for Padlet and EdPuzzle.

Hey, Vampires! 🦇

In today’s edition, we want to share with you an insightful article about AI’s advancements in the mathematics field, as well as some takeaways and resources from the event a few of us attended last Saturday here in Bucharest.

Finally, take a look at the updates we received from a couple of well-loved tools!


Why does AI being good at math matter?

You may have noticed that AI tools are not quite good at math…YET.

This is, unsurprisingly, changing rather quickly. MIT Technology Review’s article explores AI’s growing math proficiency and its implications for the tech and education sectors.

TL;DR: The progress in AI’s math capabilities not only aids professionals but also promises to make math more accessible and engaging for learners.

(by Melissa Heikkilä, from MIT Technology Review)

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You may recall that we put out a call for expressions of interest to attend an event about AI in Education right here in our city some time ago.

A.I.Ducation24 was organized and hosted by the Cambridge School of Bucharest and took place this past Saturday.

Some of the big questions the organizers asked participants and presenters alike were:

  • How will Al transform the roles of teachers, students, and the learning process itself?
  • What essential skills and mindsets will students need to thrive in an Al-driven future?
  • How can we ensure Al in education promotes equity, fairness, and responsible use?

These dedicated vampires 🦇 volunteered their Saturday to learn alongside our Digital Learning Team! 👏👏 If you have a chance, ask them about the conference!

1709391601263Featured: Eric, Jodee, Cristina, Miki, G, Sarah, Liviu, and Dan. 

In the agenda:

  • “The IDEAS Guy” Ben Whitaker challenged us to rethink AI in schools with his opening keynote.
  • Adrian Georgescu (Microsoft) showcased AI tools already in Office 365 (perfect for the staff at CSB! 🙃).
  • Expert panel stressed the continued importance of soft skills in an AI-driven world.
  • Interactive workshops from Mindjoy, DAIGON Esports, Inventor Club, and Robohub offered hands-on learning.
  • Darren Coxon’s “Three Design Principles for the AI School” keynote closed with actionable takeaways.

Key takeaways:

➡️ Darren Coxon’s very practical workshop focused on strategies educators can use with AI bots to turn the concept of “engineering” into more of “psychology.”

Take a look at this short video where Darren explains his reasoning:

By Alex Gray, founder of The International Classroom, who spent the day documenting the event for his podcast.

➡️ Also from Coxon is the concept of “three layers” where AI can 


Untitled design (14)

FOMO about missing the conference? Fear not! Our own Cristina Cuzuc from the Secondary Library is bringing some of these highlights to you through our next Faculty-led PL day. 🙌”

Thank you for leading the way, Cristina!


Magic Padlet: Generate padlets with AI

Everybody’s getting onto the “magic bus” these days. 🙂 Enjoy using Padlet, now with AI!
➡️ Don’t forget to log into our school dashboard to take advantage of the premium features (click “forgot password” and enter your email if you get stuck!).

Did you know we have a school-wide subscription to EdPuzzle?

And did you ALSO know you can watch YouTube videos through Edpuzzle without distractions, free of ads, external links, or recommendations, and tracking?!
➡️ It could be a great asset in the classroom. Access EdPuzzle here, and log in with your Google account.
Then, copy any Youtube URL and paste it in the top Search bar to take advantage of the distraction-free features. 
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Let us know if you’d like some PD on how to use EdPuzzle more efficiently!