An All Google Slides Edition

In This Edition:

Three time-identified tutorials focusing on Google Slides.

  • Tier One: a brief video or slide tutorial; a few minutes or so” tops — 
  • Tier Two: super-brief; roughly 30 seconds —
  • Tier Three: a shortcut, lightning-fast. 

Good morning Vampires🦇! We hope everyone had a lovely break. 

Due to the positive response we received from the “All Chrome Edition”, we’ve decided to present you with an “All Slides Edition”. It’s a resource that gets heavy usage across our divisions on a daily basis, so we thought we would provide you with a number of resources to strengthen your Slides skills. Like last time, it’s certifiably impossible to not learn something new. 💪🏼


All SLidesIcons TIme copy

It’s safe to say, as an institution, we rely heavily on slides: formal presentations, Daily Objectives, Unit Workbooks, student-created content, etc. This week, we provide you with some very useful tips for super-sizing your Slides expertise. For your efficiency, we have categorized these into three tiered categories as shown above. Enjoy!

Slides Time Logo 2 min copyTIER 1: Brief Video | Slides Tutorial 

iMac Template Frame Slides as a website copy

Slides as a Website

Tutorial 📹: Streamline the amazing content you make by simplifying and making it a published presentation – essentially a webpage. Or, creatively, have your kids make content, like a “Choose Your Adventure Narrative” (5:55 duration).


Adding Audio to Slides Thumbnail Mailchimp copy

Add Audio to Slides

Tutorial (slides): Audio can enhance the mood and effectiveness of your presentations. This quick tutorial 1) allows you to add audio (from Youtube) to any one slide in a presentation and 2) it allows you to add an audio track to an entire presentation (with an audio file).

Resources (these will make copies for you). The Presentations where your students consolidate their completed work (their finished slides). 

Foolproof Collaborative Work

Tutorial 📹: Having students hack away at the same slide presentation is chaotic. Follow these simple steps to avoid issues and have them organize and share their work like a well-oiled machine. (4:28 duration).
Group Work: Collaborative Slides Share Out
Individual Work: Collaborative Slides Share Out

Slides Time Logo 30 Sec copyTIER 2: Super Brief

Branding: Add Branding Colour to Slides Quickly add all the branding colours to your Slides options for fonts/shapes/everything.

 Formatting: Use Mask Image to change the shape of an image Sometimes you need something round or oval, or just not a rectangle…

Cool Icons/Infographics: Royalty-Free icons (From Canva) Get the exact icon and colour you want in seconds by creating a go-to project just for this reason in Canva.

Slides Time Logo FEW copyTIER 3: Shortcut

Here is a blank presentation to play with the following Slides Presentation shortcuts.
The video on slide two is set to play automatically (Shortcuts for “When playing a video”)
Go to slide 8 to see how the Start Slides… at the beginning works.

Copy of COmmand + Shift + A (1)

Start Slides Presentation Because this is so much easier than trying to click on the “Slideshow” present button. 

COmmand + Shift + A (1)

Start Slides… at the beginning
This one is soooo useful. Some of us use Slides as a Daily Obectives (many slides) and this shortcut pops the presentation open at the very beginning.


Open Speaker Notes
Some of you use these quite a bit, especially when presenting for colleagues. (Used when in full screen)


When Showing an embedded Video: Rewind 10 seconds 
Oops, missed it? No problem!


When Showing an embedded Video: Fast forward 10 seconds 
Not exactly the moment you need? No problem!


When Showing an embedded Video: Toggle “Play & Pause”. 
This can be tricky with the cursor as you can easily advance the next slide (no more clicking). 

O (1)

When in Presentation Mode: Show a blank slide (essentially turn off the projector)
So maybe you need to pause the students’ attention on the presentation. This will just show a blank “black slide”. Hit “B” again to go back to your presentation. FYI “W” will show a blank “white slide”