A Podcast Interview with AISB’s Journalism Teacher

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The Bite project and the case for more project-based learning at AISB — Check out some options to step up your digital storytelling game —
Shortcut: Use Canva to make animated images.

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If you were asked about your most memorable experiences as a learner in school, your answer would likely not include tests and worksheets.

As Project-Based Learning (PBL) advocate John Spencer suggests, creative projects are usually at the forefront of our school memories, for their capacity to teach us “collaboration, project management, flexible thinking, and a growth mindset.”

It may seem daunting to dedicated so much time to these kinds of projects in the classroom, but there is no better way to be responsive to students’ needs and interests, especially after the last couple of years.

In fact, PBL can bring more joy to all involved, igniting “excitement for learning, discovering, and questioning, which also brings educators much-needed energy,” according to this Edutopia article.
The Case for More Project-Based Learning at AISB
Were you ever curious about how Journalism teacher Jen Stevens runs the school newspaper The Bite?

In our quest to promote and inspire creative, courageous, and compassionate learning at AISB, we talked to Jen about the program to gain insights into her approaches to teaching and learning and hear her advice on the topic of project-based learning.

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A Podcast Interview with AISB’s Journalism Teacher Jen Stevens
Podcast Show Notes
Stories can change the world

Want to learn more about how to integrate photography, video, and audio storytelling into the classroom at your own paceNational Geographic has created an awesome set of courses for teachers that focuses on digital storytelling for impact. 

Everyone CAN(VA)!

We keep saying this, and it’s true: Canva is AWESOME and totally free for educators. In their learning center, they have dedicated courses about the tool, and even an intro to Graphic Design.

Did you know that you can use Canva to create animated images, too? The one below was made in less than 5 minutes to show the iterations of The Bite’s logo: