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How to filter some of the copious amounts of information out there regarding recent events —
Gmail Tips —
Step into our Hybrid Classrooms —
Shortcut: Settings in Gmail.

Welcome back, vampires! 

This week we have a few tips on how to filter some of the copious amounts of information out there regarding recent events. 

We have a number of suggestions on how to up your Gmail game, as well as some quick lunch-time Professional Learning on the offering to improve our Hybrid delivery. 

There is a ton of information out there. Here are just a few tips on filtering some of them.

Youtube – When searching, choose “live” for current streaming from media sources.

Google News – When searching, choose “Tools”, then you have the option of “Recent/Past Hour, Past 24 Hours”

Twitter – There’s a big difference between a search for “Top” and “Latest”. Sometimes you can find very different results if you search in a different language (especially for media and footage). Just click on the tweet, it will open up and Google will translate it.
I.e. Київ vs Kyiv vs Kiev, Ха́рків

Useful Gmail Tips
Not sure if you replied to an email?

Think you might benefit from using labels in Gmail? 

This tutorial will show you how to use Labels and Filters in Gmail to clearly mark all your replied emails as Replied: Gmail Reply Label Hack: Labels & Filters
Google Chat and Spaces are amazing tools. Sometimes having these two resources and Gmail in the same place can be too much – click on this link and open Google Chat/Spaces in its own window and enjoy all the room to communicate and collaborate. 
“Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!” (Is an Email Spam or Not?)
Sometimes things look “phishy” and they’re actually in your inbox. Watch this tutorial and learn to have a better idea if an email is legitimate without opening it. 
Professional Development – HYBRID LEARNING – “Full Screen, Not Full Screen”

Trying to give the kids at home a little richer experience when Zooming in from the classroom?

This session will help you maximize space when presenting in class and screen sharing in Zoom. 
  • Quick tips and tricks with Google Slide Presentation 
  • Display settings option with your Mac
  • Zoom participant view options to bring the kids at home more into the classroom 
PYP Lunch                             
Thurs, March 3 | 12:35 – 12:55                       
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Tues, March 8 | 12:35 – 12:55                       
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Sec Lunch
Thurs, March 3 | 1:15 – 1:35                      
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Tues, March 8 | 1:15 – 1:35                       
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Adobe Spark is available for grades 3-12, but it is now part of Adobe Creative Cloud Express. It’s an awesome tool that creates attention-grabbing graphics, videos, and social posts.

We have an institutional account, and to use it, you and your students will just need to log into Adobe Express:

Some additional Adobe resources: “Discover free lessons, activities, and projects for your class

Are you ever a little concerned about “reply” vs “reply all”? Look below to see how to make “reply” your default response.